Chai Blend Premium 15ct Sachets


Kiran’s Daughter Chai Blend
should be enjoyed with the ones you love.
“In the midst of a busy day, the ritual of drinking tea is an excuse merely to sit, chat and enjoy a mellow moment with my daughter.”


Kiran’s Daughter Chai Premium sachets contain a blend of five different teas.
Each tea has its own unique characteristics, but all
originate in high altitudes and share flowery
flavors and orange pekoe traits. These teas create
a balanced, aromatic and calming effect to the
senses. This tea blend is rich in antioxidants and
contains medium levels of caffeine.
From Sri Lanka. With bergamot fruit.
From Assam. Malty, with a jammy flavor.
From Assam. Strong, full-bodied and rich in color.
From Sri Lanka. Bright, brisk and aromatic.
From Darjeeling. Nutty, black currant
with a taste of muscat grapes.
Green and black cardamom, cloves,
cinnamon, black peppercorns.